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Pre-Made Solutions

Pre-Made solutions are very useful to many of our clients. We have a range of applications which can be installed, and configured for you. Here are some of the pre-made solutions we currently offer:

  • Netster Intranet File Share Search Tool - This search tool will index files shared on a local network such as your company's office network. Although useful for small networks, it works very well even for large networks such as those on college campuses, large companies, etc. It can be difficult to find specific files shared on your network. Netster allows you to search for specific files or list files on a specific computer quickly and easily. It even interfaces directly with your web browser to allow file downloads or connect you to the computer sharing the file you are interested in. It was tested on a large network with approximately 450 computers sharing of over 4 million files (a total of 2000+ GB of data!) and returned results within 15 seconds. Without Netster, such a search could take hours.
  • Message Board - This allows you to setup a portion of your website where visitors can post messages either anonymously or only with a password. Posts can be deleted/modified by the administrator of the message board, and visitors or the administrator can easily reply to the posted messages. A possible application of this system is for customer support. Your customers can easily view eachother's problems and their solutions, reducing the number of duplicate support requests you receive and minimizing the time you spend on the phone or answering support-related email.

Other pre-made solutions can be installed and configured for you upon request. If you need a solution which you have seen at various other websites, chances are we can find code for an already-made solution and setup and/or customize it for you. If you would like one of these solutions, please contact us.

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