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Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions are usually required in one of two situations. Often a client decides on one of our standard packages or pre-made solutions, but requires extensive customization or additions. In this case, the standard fee for the base package or solution applies in addition to that for the requires changes. In some situations, a client's need is partially satisfied by a free and open source solution which we can configure and customize according to the requirements of the project. Most of the time, this route is less expensive than a completely custom solutions since portions of the solution have already been created.

The other case is when a client wants something totally unique to their situation. Examples of this are web-based applications which fit into a very small niche or setup and configuration of servers or intranet applications. We are capable of providing these solutions and several examples of these can be found in our portfolio.

Since these types of solution vary greatly, we will need to consult with you before we can set a price. If you are interested in this type of solution, contact us with a message containing the details of your project along with any budget constraints. If possible, include the references or URLs of any examples which are similar to what you are looking for. We will respond quickly either requesting clarification or providing a quoted price for the solution.

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