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Portfolio - Promoting a real estate appraisal business in Northeastern PA. It includes an "appraiser information" sub-level in the navigation system, user-changeable scrolling-text displaying current updates/info, and several submission forms allowing visitors to request quotes and submit orders online. The owner instantly receives the submissions via email.

Netster SMB File Search Tool *OFFLINE FOR THE SUMMER* - A PHP/MySQL project allowing files stored on a local network via Microsoft's "File Sharing" or SMB protocol to be searched within seconds. I worked with the original creator of the Open Source project (who did an excellent job!) I added many improvements including a patch to the C program which connects to the computers via SMB, better page caching on the server side, etc. Various other changes were necessary for Netster to properly handle the large network I use it for. The database I maintain indexes over 3 million files on 400+ computers.

Messiah College - ITS - Redesigned their website to incorporate a menu system which expands to the current page. The menu and website can be re-build via a template script in a matter of seconds to change items on the menu, change the basic look of the website, etc. For such a large site, the script saves an incredible amount of time during updates. - Another real estate appraisal business from Northeastern PA. Similar in design to the other through an agreement between both owners. Has same features as other appraisal website. - A website designed to display the product catalog and provide a web presence for Quasar Blades, which sells diamond-tipped saw blades and bits for use in construction. - A website which displays rental properties available in the Poconos. Custom Solutions - This website, of course. It was designed using HTML 4 and Cascading Style Sheets, and is compatible with recent versions of all major browsers.


My personal resume is available in PDF format.