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Individual Design Rates

The following items can be purchased seperately or added-on to any of our base packages. For logos and other graphical items, refer to Logo Design.

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Basic Items:

Design of Custom Website Look and Layout - $200 We will consult with you and create design for your website either based on your current printed material or previous website, or we will create a completely new design. Minor graphics required for the design are included as well as minor JavaScript. If you purchase this item and choose to create individual pages yourself, you will receive your website's design in template form. Otherwise, we will use the design to create your individual pages. Creation of a website design is required before individual pages can be created

Static HTML Pages - $50/page Each individual page includes up to 500 words of text and two images. A static HTML page is primarily composed of content which does not change often or allow user interaction. Custom content can be added using YACPoll, YACForm, or YACEdit.

Scanning of Images/Photos - $10/page We can scan your photos for use in your website. One free scanning is included with each static HTML page you purchase.

YAC Pack Items:

YAC Pack Installation - $50 We will install all of the YAC Pack items on your web server, allowing you to setup each item yourself if you choose to use it. Before we can install YAC Pack on another hosting provider's servers, we will need to work with you to ensure the necessary requirements are met.

YACTrac Visitor Tracker - $50 setup YACTrac displays detailed information about visitors to your website, including which search engines they came from and what they searched for. YACTrac is included with all hosting plans but can be installed on another hosting server. In this case, some features may not be available depending on the capabilities of your server.

YACEdit Content Editor - $50 setup, $25/region YACEdit setup includes the first editable region free. YACEdit allows you to edit frequently changing regions of your website using a very simple interface.

YACPoll Visitor Polls - $50 setup, $25/poll YACPoll setup includes the first poll free. YACPoll allows you to create poll questions which your visitors can answer. You can enable/disable the polls, view the results, reset the results, and edit the question and answers using a simple interface.

YACForm Form to Email - $150/form Each YACForm includes the form your visitors fill out, custom error and confirmation pages, required fields, and custom-formatted email messages send to your email address.

YACSubmit Search Engine Submission - $100 YACSubmit includes analyzing your website to help ensure proper indexing by search engines and submission to all popular search engines. Future submissions can be done up to every 2 months using a simple interface.

YACShop Catalog Shopping System - $400 YACShop setup includes full customization to fit perfectly into your website's design and the ability for visitors to submit orders via email. Live credit card processing available for an additional setup and monthly fee.

Entry of YACShop Items - $10/item Althoug YACShop allows you to enter items yourself, we will enter them for a small fee if you prefer.

Other Items:

Other items are available at a rate of $25/hr. Request a quote for additional items