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Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

We provide a number of different types of solutions. If you are looking for a unique web application, or would like a custom solution involving something more than just a website, a solution can be designed specifically for you.

Pre-Made Solutions

Some of the solutions we provide are commonly requested by our clients. We create a generic solution to the problem and then customize it to each of our clients' needs. We call this type of solution a "pre-made" solution. Often, pre-made solutions are more affordable than completely custom solutions.

YAC Pack

We have a package of pre-made solutions called YAC Pack which are available for all of our clients but which require either setup by the client or an additional fee for us to set them up, depending on the web design or hosting package chosen. YAC Pack includes polls, visitor statistics, form to email, content management, customer support, and catalog display.

Web Design

Many of our clients are interested in web design, and we offer a range of packages which include everything needed to get a website up and running.

Logo Design

Some clients need a logo to be created specifically for their business to be used on their website or other mediums.