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Identify the Purpose and Goals of Your Website

The internet is big place with tremendous competition. If someone finds your website, you need to quickly and effectively capture their attention and show them that you have exactly what they are looking for. With a few exceptions, if they are not impressed, become annoyed by a slow/poor website, or can't find what they are looking for, they will leave and take their business elsewhere. A successful website makes a good first impression and then continues to support that impression with a website designed to meet their needs.

When your start thinking about creating your website, you should consider what purpose you want your website to serve those who visit it. Do you merely want to give potential customers information via a brochure-like website which directs them to use email, standard mail, or phone to contact you if they are interested in what you are offering? Or do you want visitors to be able to submit orders directly through your website, check availability/prices of products, receive support, and interact with your website? What features do you want your website to have?

You should write down the specific goals and purposes you decide on so that as the process of creating your website progresses, you can make sure that they are all accomplished.

Next, you will need to choose on of our design packages.