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Choosing Hosting Service and Domain Name

You will need a domain name for your website. Visit our domain registration page for tips on selecting your domain name and checking its availability. If you already have a domain name, we can transfer it to our servers. You can either register a domain name separately or purchase it with your hosting. If you sign up for 12 months of hosting, you will receive your first year domain registration free.

You also need a hosting account on a web server. If you choose us for design and someone else for hosting, you should check with us to ensure compatibility before signing up for hosting. You will also need to contact your hosting company if you have any problems with your server. We will be unable to assist you unless it is a design or programming related issue. If you use us for both hosting and design, we will be able to fix any problems quickly. For this reason, we recommend you choose us for both design and hosting. As an added bonus, we offer the first month of hosting free when you purchase any design package.

Next, your web site has to be created and set up.