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Continued Support

Once your website is finished, you will not be left on your own. We will continue to help make your website successful. All clients who purchase both design and hosting will receive a monthly email containing a summary of the visitors to their website during the previous month along with a list of which search engines have recently added your website to their index. We will also be available to provide services for any necessary changes to your website.

The person assigned for your initial design and hosting will remain your contact person for as long as your remain our client (unless you choose to be assigned to someone else or they no longer work here). This person will learn to understand your situation and be able to help you more effectively than someone who isn't familiar with your website.

When you send any future email to our support address, or through our web-based support system, we will recognize you and automatically forward your message to the appropriate person. All correspondence will be logged to help ensure the quality of our service. Since you will always contact the same person, you will never have to go through the frustration of re-explaining your situation to many different people. In the interest of responding quickly to your needs, someone else may send you an initial response if your normal support person is on vacation, sick, etc. Your support person will then send you a follow-up when they are able to ensure your problem is resolved. This situation will not happen often, but we have thought of it and will act accordingly when it does arise.

Now that you understand the process involved, contact us to discuss creating your new website. You will receive a response by the end of the next business day.