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Domain Registration

Domain registration is available through Dotster at $15/year per com/net/org domain. Your first year of domain registration is free if you purchase a design package along with your hosting, or if you sign up for at least 12 months of hosting with a basic or higher hosting plan.

If you are entitled to a free domain name with a design package or 12-month pre-paid hosting plan, we will register it for you. Do not register it yourself.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Domain registrations, renewals, and transfers are non-refundable.

Domain Tools

  • Login to your domain account (for existing domain customers)
  • Register a New Domain
  • Transfer a Domain
  • Use NameSpin to help you select a domain name
  • Contact Doster Support - If for any reason Dotster does not quickly resolve your problem or you just have a question, please contact us
  • Lookup the Whois information on a domain
  • Choose another language for registration instructions
  • Help on Domains from Dotster
  • Tips for Selecting your Domain

    • Choose a domain name which contains your company/organization name, if possible. For example if your business is called Bob Smith's Used Carts, try,, etc. This is often easier for visitors to remember than something like
    • Your domain name should contant at least one word related to the type of company/organization or your primary product. Using the example above, you should try to include the words "car" or "cars", or even better both "used" and "cars". This technique can help improve search engine placement
    • Your domain should be as short as possible while still meeting the first two items above. For example, is a much better choice than, since the latter can be difficult to remember
    • Domain names are not case sensitive. If you register, any combination of upper and lower case characters such as will be yours as well.
    • Domain names can contain letters (remember, case insensitive), numbers, and hyphens "-". Characters like _, *, $, @, #, etc. are not allowed.